June 12, 2012

.last day of school.

Today was the last day of school for the students…YAY! Now the real work can get done! I have five more days of work and then my summer begins! Whoop whoop!

Mom & I went to the Tri-Cities after school to get Starbucks, shop a little, and go to dinner. We stopped in to see Karlye at Buckle and I found this cool necklace:


I also came home to a package of clothes from Old Navy that I’d ordered! New outfit tomorrow!

Karlye was just getting off work when we got there, so she came to dinner with us! I feel so lucky to get to live close to my family to be able to hang out with them often!

Yay for summer!

P.S. and Melissa accepted a job today as a 2nd grade teacher at Crestwood Elementary in Sumner, WA! So happy for her!

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