June 10, 2012

.kamryn time!.

Kamryn got to come over again on Friday afternoon. Her Dad has been in the hospital this week with an infection that manifested in his leg, so she has been hanging out with all her fans this week! We were lucky to get to have our turn on Friday!

Melissa & Ryan came for dinner, so I did Kamryn’s hair and she found my necklace to put on…she looked adorable!

photo 1

I was trying to get her to take a picture to send to her Mom & Dad and it wasn’t working – she was not digging it!

 photo 2

 photo 3

photo 4

This new thing she’s been doing with Samson is so funny! She likes it when Samson licks her, but not in the face, so she puts her head down so he’ll lick the top of her head!

 photo 5

She was spinning and jumping and spinning and jumping and saying the ABC’s over and over and over again! I don’t know how she wasn’t exhausted!

Melissa polished her toenails…

photo 1

and they spelled everyone’s names over and over again on the Magna Doodle. That smart little girl can spell her name! She’s 2!!

 photo 2

It is so much fun to have Kamryn come play – she is such a joy! She makes us laugh and smile so much. Love that girl!

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melissa said...

Love her!! You mean...I painted her nails AND Ryan's;) haha