June 2, 2012

. class of 2012 .

Another class has come and gone, leaving their impact on CHS and me along the way. We celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2012 last night! At graduation practice yesterday morning I started getting sentimental for these awesome students! I have formed lasting friendships with these students throughout their time at CHS and will sure miss their visits to my office!
I do love graduations…I get to see lots of familiar faces from the community and old friends too. Some of my classmates that I graduated from high school with had siblings graduating last night, so it was really fun to get to see them!
Allyson Reimers was one of my cheerleaders and a frequent visitor to my office! She would often come in the morning to just chat before school started. Lots of sports bags get left in my office during the day and usually Allyson’s was one of them. :) I remember when Allyson was born – I was in her Dad’s Pre-Algebra class and he couldn’t have been more proud! We heard updates on Allyson everyday and anticipated a new picture on his chalk board each month. It has been fun getting to know Allyson the last four years…I will surely miss her, but looking forward to seeing all that she accomplishes at Gonzaga and beyond! She took this picture of us on her last day at CHS! (tear tear!)
grad 1 (2)
Allyson & her BFF Katy Stredwick – in the coliseum gym before gradatuion (I got some pictures with students there because it’s much easier than finding them after graduation!)…I have also enjoyed getting to know Katy while she was in high school. I’ve known her since her childhood, but getting to really know them in high school is so much better – getting to know their personalities, tics, and sense of humor is awesome! Katy is a super duper talented singer and I remember her coming to sing at the high school when she was still in junior high…I was impressed then and I have enjoyed every time I’ve heard her sing since. She’s heading off to WSU in the fall and I think she’ll do great there!
grad 1 (1)
oh Paxton…what can I say about her?! I have also known her for her entire life, but really enjoyed getting to be part of her time at CHS. She makes me laugh every time I’m around her – except for when she would sneak up behind me at my desk and scare the bejeezus out of me! I am so proud of Pax – she is also graduating with her AA degree from CBC in a few weeks. Pretty awesome!
grad 1 (3)
Elaine Pierson and Megan Booker – two more girls I’ve know their entire life! They have accomplished great things during their time at CHS – ASB officers, athletes, Co-Valedictorians, and Megan was the 2011 Jr Miss! I got to be their youth group leader for a few years too! They shared great wisdom with their classmates last night in their speeches. So proud of them!
grad 2 (2)
Ah Noe & Paloma….I will so miss these two! Noe stopped by my office at least once every day, if not twice just to say “Hi Miss Koch!” and give me a hug. They got married last fall and welcomed the cutest baby Brianna into their family in January. I am so proud of them for finishing high school and persevering.
grad 2 (3)
Vanessa was also one of my cheerleaders…she is going places, this girl! She earned a $10,000 scholarship from HAAP and will be going to WSU Tri-Cities for college. She has the determination that will make her super successful. Can’t wait to see her accomplishments!
grad 2 (5)
I got a few more pictures while the graduates were lining up:
Walking partners Whitney & Tyson…they had a love/hate relationship. :) Caught them in a good moment!
grad 2 (1)
Oh Juanito….he gave us a lot of joy while he was at CHS. How do I even explain Juanito? He loves rodeo-ing almost as much as he loves Reba McEntire! He comes up with the funniest lines and definitely kept us laughing. My favorite memory of him is when he and Katy Stredwick sang the duet “Does He Love Me?” at the CHS Talent Show a few weeks ago. So funny!
grad 3 (2)
The Tri-City Herald caught this picture of him with his friend Fancy hanging from his cap!
Edgar, Vanessa, & Tyson
Yannet, Ariana, Angel, & Jordan
John, Pavyna, Paxton, Ryan, Miguel, & Daniel
These girls (Mackenzie Pearson, Madison Empey, Allyson Ririe, and Shaniel McCary) sang “I Was Here” by Lady Antebellum. I had never heard it before, but I fell in love with it – especially for graduation. The words are just perfect!
I wanna do something that matters
Say something different
Something that sets the whole world on its ear
I wanna do something better
With the time I've been given
And I wanna try
To touch a few hearts in this life
Leave nothing less
Than something that says "I was here"
1SPVj_AuSt_13 wWHls_AuSt_13
Let the silly string war begin! :) It really was a lot more fun getting to be on the stage and in the middle of the chaos last year!
I stole this picture from Rachel Pierson’s Facebook since I didn’t get a picture with Derek…
The cousins: Derek Klindworth & Elaine Pierson
   derek & elaine        
A few more pictures from after the ceremony:
Whitney Jones & I…Whitney was a part of youth group when I was leading it and got to be good friends. She was an office aide for us this year and we were able to have some good chats on days we didn’t have her super busy! Whitney was the class President and also a co-Valedictorian. She was a very busy girl this year! She is going to WSU to study nursing and I think she’ll be excellent!
grad 3 (1) 
oh Matt Hadley – the CHS superstar! I told him I had to get a picture with him for when he’s famous and I can say, “I was his high school counselor.” haha! Matt is a great guy – and for our successful he’s been in high school and how many accolades he’s received, he is still a humble guy. He left his mark on CHS and his shoes will be hard to fill!
grad 3 (3)
and finally Tyson….I WILL not miss him walking by my office saying “hey Loser!” I tried telling him how rude it was, but he kept on doing it! He’s a fun one to joke around with…I will miss that! Tyson has a great heart and is just fun to be around. He’s going to leave his mark wherever he goes!
 grad 3 (4)

One more of Allyson with Melissa and I!

The Class of 2012…
Bleed Purple, Live Gold!
…and may the odds be ever in your favor. :)

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