June 3, 2012

.farm chicks 2012.

Mom & I went to our 3rd annual Farm Chicks Antique Show (Melissa met us there later on)! We had a lot of fun looking, but didn’t end up buying much! I took a lot of pictures to share!

We love to see how things are displayed, like these earrings…


I thought this star made out of a measuring stick would be cute in a sewing room!


Mom liked these panels made of pillowcases, hankies, and scarves. Unique!


If there would’ve been one of these that said “Priest Lake” it would’ve been ours in a New York second!


We really loved this booth – lots of white, vintage, shabby chic things. I bought a handbeaded headband!



This was something unique that we saw this year – random pieces of china and glass put together with mirrors. I have been looking on etsy for a clock like that for my bathroom, so I was considering buying one, but decided I really wanted a clock!



We found fascinators at the Finders Keepers booth. After watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant this morning before we left, we thought we should try on the fascinators!!


and wondered if maybe we should wear them to Melissa’s wedding!


There were a lot of these resin flowers made into various forms of jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings). I liked this necklace the best of all that I saw!


There are so many collections of things – in baskets, bins, and piles. I liked this one of real vintage bottle caps!


Found the Kimberly Geiger booth – a pottery painter based out of Spokane that I love. Isn’t this one cute?!




This picture doesn’t do this justice, but the mermaid it made entirely of beads and pieces of jewelry!


Hot momma!


This was another necklace I considered buying…


A bird “condo” – too big for a house!


The decorations are so fun!



Can you believe all these boots and Melissa couldn’t find a pair that fit?!


This is one of my favorite booths…I don’t often find things there, but the amount of things is overwhelming! There are vintage linens: quilts, flags, hankies, tablecloths, etc. Look at this quilt…each square had people’s names in it. I wonder where it came from and how it got to this big pile of quilts?



Another collection of uniform names!


Mom found a teacher-size edition of Dick and Jane! So exciting!


More collections…tape measures!


Look who we found! Megan, Abby, & Chris!
It was fun to get to chat for a few minutes and get to see Miss Abby – she’s growing so much!


More fun finds!



Oh My…Mom found some majorette boots!!!


She’s still got it!



Cute – using a Bundt pan!



Cool sofa!



We got to see Serena, the founder of Farm Chicks!


We got to have her and Heather Bullard, a contributing editor of Country Living, sign the June copy of Country Living!

 IMG_1871 IMG_1872 IMG_1873


Megan sent me this picture – she caught Serena and had her take a picture with Abby! Lucky girl!


We had a great time looking and seeing all the goods. I love finding things that are recreated from old things – that’s fun for me! I didn’t find any milk glass and although I did find some fun jewelry, I didn’t end up buying any. The search continues…. :)

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Countrylivn' said...

I was looking forward to your report, looks like it was great! Some day I am going to go, until then I will just enjoy your yummy pictures! Thanks for sharing!