November 20, 2011

.football quarterfinals vs. CASHMERE!.

We travelled to Wenatchee yesterday to take on the Cashmere Bulldogs for a second time this season. There wasn’t a whole lot talked about this game around school this week – I think everyone was nervous since we had lost to Cashmere the first time around.
The cheerleaders watched a movie on the way to Wenatchee – but got bored and stole my phone and iPad. They took about 50 crazy pictures like this and changed all their contact pictures on my phone. Silly girls.
 photo 1
We got to Wenatchee and it was snowing. Talk about some excitement! They wanted to take a picture in the snow. You can’t see Sommer’s face because she’s doing “the Kirston.” :)
photo 2
Here’s a better picture of them! They were all bundled up with layers and layers for the game. They said they didn’t get too cold.
photo 4
I thought this was cute. They huddled before the game like the boys do!
photo 5
I missed the C and the H – but got the S! :) They did a great job cheering at the game…so proud of them! They performed a dance at halftime. We had two alternate endings ready – one with stunts and one without, just in case. Good thing! They were awesome!
1 (2)
You can see how snowy the field was. I was afraid of a bunch of injuries for the football players, but I don’t think there was anything major.
This was a well fought game…but we came out on top! YAY!
Connell, 20 – Cashmere, 9
Two touchdowns and two field goals!
1 (1)
It snowed right up until the game started. When the fog cleared, there was a beautiful view from the stadium overlooking Eat Wenatchee.
 1 (3)  
Here they are - the team that's pulling out all the stops right when it counts!!
This picture was on the Wenatchee World website. I'm pretty sure it's Matt Hadley - and what I really like about the picture is that it is so "him." He is a record breaking fool and a major force on the football field - but beyond all of that, he's an all around nice guy. I think this picture shows that he's a fierce competitor, but when the games over, he's a good friend.

 1 (4)
We will play against Chelan next week (not sure on day or time yet) – also for the second time this season. Last time it was in Chelan and 95 degrees when the game started. I have a feeling the weather will be a bit different this time around…

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