November 24, 2011

.thanksgiving day.

We spent a nice, relaxing day at Doug & Vicky’s. We had a smaller group this year than we have had in the past. Doug, Vicky, Craig, Jackie, Mark, Kim, Karlye, Amber, Dad, Mom, Melissa, Grandma, and I.
We watched a lot of football, played some cards, talked a lot, and ate some delicious food.
We took some family pictures after the meal…right about the time the tryptophan kicked in. Amber said she’d never heard that word and thought we were saying “trip to Japan.” Oh that girl is a crack up!
Mark, Grandma, Mom, and Doug
Craig, Grandma, Karlye, and I
Amber, Melissa
Amber, Grandma, & Karlye
Melissa, Grandma, and I
Melissa’s new Facebook profile picture!
She was modeling her “cardigan” like Rosie…
We’ve been loving these two cute British girls that have been on The Ellen Degeneres Show a few times.
Grandma and Craig
We made our game plan for Black Friday shopping – leaving at 7am from Connell. With all these stores opening at midnight, it makes me want to go  - but then I remember, I am not looking for any big ticket items..just want to get in on some sales – 40% off at Craft Warehouse, buy 1 get 1 free thread at JoAnn’s. That kind of stuff. A few Christmas presents and a few things for me!

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