November 25, 2011

.black friday.

For about the fifth year in a row, Mom, Melissa, Karlye, Amber, and I went Black Friday shopping today. Craig even got to join us for a little while! We are not extremists…we don’t leave Connell until 7am. It was great to have all our shopping done and enjoyed a nice lunch by 1:30pm! I didn’t have a lot on my list, but got most of what I was looking for!
Here’s where we went:
  • Target (@Queensgate so we could get Starbucks too!)
  • Best Buy
  • Craft Warehouse (30% off bolted fabric!)
  • Macy’s (new luggage for our trip!) and the mall
  • JoAnn’s (best buys of the day!)
  • lunch at Red Robin
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Starbucks again!
Fun day and I’m still home in time to get some crafting done and do some online shopping!!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

You guys are brave. I always want to go...but then I wake up and realize I JUST DONT ACTUALLY WANT TO:) I shopped the heck out of the internet though...haha!!!