November 26, 2011

.goin’ home to the Dome!.

The CHS Eagles had a rematch against the Chelan Goats in Moses Lake. We played them in September – one of the first games of the season. It was super duper hot at 95 degrees when the game started in Chelan back in September and Chelan was missing some key players including their quarterback. We won easily then and all season since then, the question has been – could we do it again?! Here’s our chance!

The girls were excited to be in Moses Lake – they have a great field and they got to cheer on boxes!


Kirston flew this week in the dance routine. She has great technique!


She wanted to plank the air. :) What a girl!


This is the 3rd or 4th year in a row we’ve played in Moses Lake during the post season . We have a tradition of taking each girls’ picture on their box.





Whenever we tell Kirston to pose, this is what we get. :)










Group shot pose #1 – Sommer’s face cracks me up in this picture


Group shot pose #2 – silly girls!


Group shot pose #3 – that’s better!


The player introductions. Thanks to the DCC for our new idea for introductions!


Here we go….one of these teams gets to go to the Dome!


Santa came to cheer on the Eagles!


The Eagles had a great game…making some big plays early on really helped. Ryan Heinen had about an 80 yard touchdown run that got the crowd on their feet! It was great!

The girls performed at halftime - “Mercy” by Duffy. They did AWESOME! I love hearing the crowd cheer them along!

With about 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the score was 42-14 and an Eagle victory was imminent. The starters came out of the game and made room for the 2nd string to get some playing time.

Matt Hadley taking a breather after putting it all out there!


I love watching Kyle Berry – he gets so excited and pumped up. It’s hard to not have some of his enthusiasm brush off on the crowd!


The celebration has begun!


“On to State! On to State!”


Final score: 42-14


Some pretty excited boys!


This will be the 5th time in 6 years that the Eagles play in the championship game. We are very lucky to have a great football program that makes it so fun to cheer on!

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Countrylivn' said...

Marcie, I wanted to come over and see you, I knew you were there amongst that crowd. Your cheerleaders were darling. You do a great job as a coach, I can tell by how good the cheerleaders are! It was a fun game to watch! Have fun next week, how exciting!!