November 13, 2011

.justin and sheianne.

We got to share in the celebration of Justin Bowen and Sheianne Black’s wedding on Friday, 11.11.11. :) 

It was a beautiful wedding in Wenatchee – decorated in fall colors with pumpkins, corn stalks, scarecrows, and beautiful flowers.

bowen (6)

bowen (7)

The reception was in Waterville at the fairgrounds. I can’t even describe how it was decorated – they really brought the outside in. There were 70+ trees of all varieties around the room along with tons and tons of leaves. Picket fences, dining room tables, mirrors, candles, mounted deer heads, animal skin rugs, etc etc etc. It was so “them” and was made to look really elegant.

The reception was fun! It was great to see Dave and Angie and get to hang out with Nick and Kate and see other old friends too. Melissa, Tiffany, and I had Kamryn earlier in the afternoon while the wedding party was taking their pictures – we had practiced dancing, but by the time we got to the reception, Kamryn was DONE. She didn’t last long before she passed out! She looked so darn cute though! :)

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Melissa got a lot of pictures that she shared with me -

Melissa and Tiffany

 bowen (1)

Dave “THE SWISS” and Melissa

 bowen (2)

Melissa and I

       bowen (9)

Melissa and “THE OTHER SWISS” Angie

 bowen (10)

Mom and Melissa

  bowen (12)

Congratulations to Justin and Sheianne. They had a beautiful wedding to start their marriage. I am looking forward to getting to know Sheianne – they’ll be living in Connell so we should have lots of opportunities!

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