May 16, 2011

Whitworth! Best on Earth!

Yay! We have another Whitworth alumni in our family!

Yesterday, Amber graduated from Whitworth University with a B.A. in Elementary Education.

Whoop Whoop!

Melissa and I were very excited to go to graduation and to remember our own graduations. It was fun to see “old” friends & professors from our time at Whitworth.

amber's grad (3)

It’s been a while since I was an undergrad at Whitworth, but I think my allegiance to Whitworth grows more and more each year!

These pictures are a little blurry – they were taken on my iPhone!

Our first “Amber – sighting!”

amber's grad (4)

Do you see Amber’s face whited out? My dumb camera!

amber's grad (5)

Amber receiving her diploma from Whitworth President, Beck Taylor.

amber's grad (9)

amber's grad (1)

At Whitworth, the President is more personable and accessible to the students than I’ve witnessed at other universities. His home is right on campus & often has students over to hang out. Bill Robinson, the President while I was at Whitworth, retired last year and this has been Beck’s first year as President. Bill left big shoes to fill – he was really good at knowing students’ names and stopping to talk to them in The Loop; he was known for riding his bike around campus. Students affectionately called him “B-Rob!” Beck has done a great job of living up to expectations!

Back to Amber! Here she is with her diploma (cover!)! :)

amber's grad (2)

amber's grad (6)

amber's grad (7)

Here’s her name in the program…

amber's grad (13)

Some pictures from after the ceremony….

The Heider family Whitworth alumni:

amber's grad (14)

Grandma with her college graduate grandchildren!

Look how original we are:
Melissa, Whitworth; Craig, WSU; Amber, Whitworth; Karlye, WSU; Marcie, Whitworth; Kevin, WSU!

amber's grad (16)

We wanted to give Amber things she could use in her classroom, so I made her these things:

This is a jar with popsicle sticks in it – so she can write the names of her students on the sticks and use them to randomly draw names for different activities.

amber's grad (1)

And a decorative sign with her name!

amber's grad (2)

It was a fun celebration followed with a fun dinner (& drinks!) at Azteca.

I’m so proud of Amber for persevering through & accomplishing her goal! So excited to share alma maters with her too!

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