May 13, 2011

…what a week…

This week flew by in the blink of an eye…

It was the 2nd week of AP testing – I made it through proctoring 9 tests in 12 days! Not my favorite two weeks of the whole school year, but I made it through!

We had Beta Bunco night on Tuesday. Melissa beat me for most wins by one win. Competitive much?!

Mom & Melissa had their LASIK surgery on Wednesday! Although each had some complications, tonight they are well on their way to a full recovery. Hopefully they’ll be pleased with the final result.

I got a new purse yesterday at Heritage – I love it! I’m in <3 with houndstooth right now, so this was hard to resist!


Tonight, we celebrated with Tiffany Schneider after her graduation from WSU Tri-Cities with a BSN. YAY! You made it!

I’m really excited to go to Spokane on Sunday to Whitworth’s graduation and to cheer on Amber as she takes that walk across the stage! Can’t wait!!

Random, but this was my life this week! :)

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Jessica said...

I love your new purse. LOVE!!! Hope your mammaa and sister are feeling good now. I am jealous!!! Kepp your purse on the high shelf=) love ya!!