May 24, 2011

.special gifts.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain these girls.

Ali, Kellie, & Kate

Through youth group, church, family, and community activities, my relationship with these girls has grown deeper over the past four years. And now they are graduating from high school next week!

As I wrote on their cards, I struggled to find the right words to explain what their friendship has meant to me. As their school counselor as well as youth group leader, we have dealt with some tough issues and they have confided in me when things seemed impossible. I am glad they felt comfortable to come to me during those times and we could work through the situation together.

We’ve also shared a lot of fun times. I got to go on two mission trips with them, lots of fun youth group activities, and I even got to share in their high school activities – assemblies, Homecoming, & their daily stop by my office just to say hi.

I will definitely miss them next year (especially those daily “hi’s”!) – but I am so excited for them to experience college life and see what unfolds for them in life.

Tonight, we shared dinner together at Mei Lings and I gave them their graduation gifts. I’d been planning this since last spring!

I made them each a quilt – but I let them decide who got which one. They decided very logically – but assigning each quilt a number & then they each drew a number. Wha la! :)

I think they kinda liked their quilts…


I told them it turned out exactly like I thought – as I was making them, I kind of had an idea who would get each one or at least thought each quilt looked like one of the girls.

Kellie got this one – Nicey Jane fabric that looks a little vintage, just like Kellie’s style.

grad quilts (1)

Ali chose this one…Hunky Dory fabric. Hunky Dory describes Ali’s personality! She is always happy and cheerful with a funny quip or tale. The back of this quilt is white with pink and blue flowers – so cheery!

grad quilts (4)

Kate gets to keep this one. Don’t tell the others, but it’s my favorite. :) It’s out of the Verna line of fabric. Kate is always positive, wise, and is a deep-thinker. I think this quilt’s colors and design match her personality just right.


Much love to each of you girls…Love you moorrrrrreeeeeee (as Kate always says – or texts, rather!).

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