May 5, 2011

…pennies from heaven…

Last night at youth group, we got tally up how much money we raised in our “Fill the Can” fundraiser! This fundraiser was super simple – I found the idea online. The youth group-ies all brought cans of pop, we put labels on them, and handed them out after church one Sunday. The basic idea was to fill the can with change, cash, or checks – as well as prayers for the mission trip we’ll be going on in June. We handed the cans out around Ash Wednesday and asked for them to be returned on Easter.

photo 2

We had a great response from our generous congregation! We rolled the change last night at youth group…there was so much, I did not think we were going to get it done last night. I thought we’d have to bag up what didn’t get rolled and do it again next week. I should know better than to not believe in these kids – they amaze me all the time!

photo 3

They worked so hard rolling all this change – it was very overwhelming, but they had great attitudes and we had a lot of fun doing it!

We’re going to announce the official total at church on Sunday…but I will say that we are so lucky to have such a loving and generous church family who supports the youth with all their hearts. <3

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Countrylivn' said...

That is A LOT of pennies to count!