May 31, 2011

...slight delay...

I'm back from Priest Lake...we had a great time. The weather was beautiful! We got to sit outside on Sunday and Monday, which is usually unheard of for Memorial Day weekend! Watched a few movies, took a nap, read a book, did A LOT of Sudokus, and read magazines. We went to Coolin for the parade & craft show on Saturday and then over to Cavanaugh Bay for lunch. I had delicious fish tacos there - will definitely have those again sometime this summer!! On Sunday, we went to Hill's for brunch and enjoyed the scenery from a different locale along the lake.

Came home yesterday and helped Melissa organize her dance recital costumes for her little dancers. They are going to be so adorable! When I turned on my computer to work on designing her program, I discovered I have a computer virus. DARN! So - my computer's in the repair shop (or shortly on it's way).

You won't miss much in my life this week - it's graduation week, so very crazy & busy at school. I got a little sentimental today as it was the senior's last full day. They will be missed!

Once my computer is back, I'll have plenty to share...graduation, dance recital dress rehersal, and Farm Chicks!

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