May 23, 2011

…more quilts!…

I know – it’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of a new quilt….so, today, I have TWO for you!

I pieced both of these last summer at Priest Lake with some specific recipients in mind. I had them quilted in Spokane this fall & finally finished binding them this spring.

This one is made with Nicey Jane fabric using Camille’s Jelly Filled pattern.

grad quilts (1)

grad quilts (2)

This one is made with Hunky Dory fabric using Camille’s Piece of Cake {2} pattern. (I had to look up the name of this fabric – I love it so much, I thought I’d never forget it!!)

grad quilts (3)

grad quilts (4)

grad quilts (5)

It was a little windy when my lucky quilt holders were helping me take these pictures!

I will share more tomorrow about who these quilts are going to live with!

1 comment:

The Wieselers said...

LOVE the Nicey Jane! So- so cute, I have a record 3 quilts out to the quilter and I'm getting anxious to have them back after seeing this!