August 15, 2008

[ This Week ] (edited to add pictures!)

This past week has been really busy - but in a good way!!

On Sunday, we had a breakfast at church for all the great people that sponsored us to go on the mission trip. Each person that went on the trip had a sponsor (a family or couple) that donated money for that participant specifically. The participant then sent their sponsor a postcard from SLC and brought them a souvenir and then invited them to this breakfast. We gave an overview of the mission trip during church - each high schooler talked about one things we did and we showed a slideshow with all the pictures we took.

Sunday afternoon, my mom and aunt Kim hosted a bridal shower for my cousin Paige that is getting married in September. The best part was that my cousin Lisa was here from Virginia, so it was fun to see her.

(Lisa and my Grandma - looking hot in green!)

(Our cousins - Lisa, Amber, Camryn, Paige, Jordan, me, Melissa)

My first official day back at school was Monday (read: end of There is a lot to do before August 26th...but I'm confident it will get done! It's kind of exciting to be back at work - new year, new possibilities - but it will be better when the students are back too.

So, I worked for two days and then have taken the next three off!! It's so nice to have an understanding principal! :) We've had cheer pictures and then cheer camp the rest of this's awesome to be back with the cheerleaders and Jessica & Emersyn! Our camp coach is awesome and the girls have learned some great routines that we can definitely use and polish. Camp is over tomorrow and then regular season cheer practice starts on Wednesday. I love catching up with Jess and picking up right where we left off! :) Emersyn has grown so much and is such a happy baby.

(Melissa and Emersyn)

(Emersyn Leigh)

(08-09 CHS Cheerleaders)

We've also been working a lot in Melissa's classroom, getting it ready for the eager 2nd graders that will be coming in just over a week. It has been a lot of hard work for her, but really fun too. It's so cool to see it all come together.

During our free time, we've been glued to the Olympics (and, to be honest, Big Brother, too!) - especially swimming, beach volleyball, diving, and women's gymnastics. I've been DVRing everything, so I'm just watching the medal ceremony for the Women's Gymnastics All-Around right now. So excited for Nastia and Shawn - I've really enjoyed watching Nastia and love that she won the gold. She is so poised and elegant...I can't imagine the sense of accomplishment she must feel!!

(I cannot figure out how to get paragraph spaces today...sorry...I'll keep trying to figure it out!)

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