August 30, 2008

[ Happy Birthday to Melissa! ]

Hey! It's Your Birthday!
Today is Melissa's 24th birthday! I'm not sure yet what we're going to do to celebrate today, besides go to Outback for dinner & Wallaby Darned's tonight!
In other news, I'm excited for the three-day weekend & that I made it through the first week of school! There were some crazy moments, but we all survived!! I have come each night so exhausted and was looking forward to sleeping in this morning, but it didn't quite work out. Samson and I did lounge in bed this morning while we watched a couple episodes of Sex & the City. We're working our way through the whole series and are on the last season. I don't know what we'll do when we're done! Any suggestions for another TV series to watch? We've watched the entire series of "Friends" and "Big Love" and "The O.C."
The cheerleaders also had their debut performance this week at the 1st Day of School Assembly and at the Eagle's Nest BBQ. They did great and are improving constantly. I just can't wait for them to be done learning cheers so that we can move on to stunts and preparing other performances.


The McGary's said...

Glad you survived those first few days:) I know this is totally not along the lines of those other shows you watched but if you like action you need to watch the season of "24". I started watching it because everybody kept saying how good it was. Anyway I got so addicted, along with Chad. We are on season 4 and there 6 seasons so it would keep you busy for a while. I only recommend it if you are into action type shows though, of course there are love stories amongst characters but that is not the basis of the show:)

Troy and Jana Withers said...

Yea! Happy Birthday Melissa..I think you both are so great. Marcie I'm glad you found my blog..I'm still learning but I love that we can catch up with everyone. Emily seems to be doing well and loving the college life. SHe got a great job nannying a little boy fun stuff.
I hope all is well. Love ya

The Wieselers said...

Try Weeds or House. I really think you'd like Weeds- its very funny and interesting!

The Wieselers said...

Try Weeds- its very clever and funny. Its our favorite!

Melissa said...

thanks marse! ONE TREE HILL!! Do it, already. Xo