August 8, 2008

[ 08.08.08 ]

What a historical day. I have been thinking about how amazing it is to see these days (07.07.07, etc.) and how we'll never see them again. It's a one time deal. Everyday is a one time deal. It just takes days like today to remind us of that...

I've been looking forward to today for a while - not because of the date, but because of this:

I am not an athlete, but I sure do love the Olympics. I think my Mom's attraction to the games has influenced my attraction to the games. I just love learning more about the country the Olympics are in, the individual stories of the athletes, the pomp & circumstance of the whole's just exhilerating!!

I've been so lucky to be able to go to two Olympic Parks - in Munich and Park City, Utah. Our family also took a vacation to Vancouver, B.C. shortly after it was announced that the 2010 Olympics will be held there. We are so lucky to get to have the world watching the Pacific Northwest in two years - I really hope to be able to attend an event there. It really is a once in a lifetime event.

So - the DVR is set and I'm settled in to watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight. I'm looking forward to watching Track & Field, Gymnastics, Diving, Swimming (Go Michael Phelps!!), Synchronized Swimming, Women's Soccer (Hello Hope Solo from Richland!) and Beach Volleyball. Seriously, the DVR is set to record three times a day for a minimum of 3 hours each. That's a lot of Olympics. :)

Whoop Whoop! :)


Jenn Davidson said...

haha... It's kinda funny to see how excited you are about the Olympics, but then again I'm watchin it as we speak so I don't have much room to talk! haha.. You're cute, Marce and I miss your guts like MAD

Tamara said...

Marcie, thanks for lookn' me up it's great to hear from you. When we were at Michael J's for the runion, we were all like, "where's Marcie... oh yea she wasn't actually in our grade". But then we thought you should have come anyway. Always love to hear from you... keep in touch! --Tamara