August 23, 2008

[ just another Saturday ]

my family all went to Bend, Oregon this weekend for a wedding - so I'm home holding down the fort.

the dogs and i are settled in for a day at home. i have so much work to do finalizing student's schedules, so we're here watching re-runs of "My Super Sweet 16", "Friends", and "Sex and the City," - drinking coffee, and procrastinating. i'd also like to get a few scrapbook pages done, vacuum my car, take a nap, and watch some olympics.

just another saturday...relaxing before the first week of school...

and another random observation: while i'm here procrastinating, i'm shoe shopping. i'm always looking for new shoes - especially since my size 13 ogre feet make it difficult to find cute/trendy/comfortable shoes.


They're hideous. Not all women with size 13 feet are 80 years old.

Only being able to find shoes like these make it hard to live in a house with a sister who has an entire shoe CLOSET and comes home from practically every shopping trip with new shoes. Even a trip to Target usually entails new shoes. I'm just jealous - obviously - but it really is a frustrating matter. Seriously, people - spread the wealth. If anyone out there ever becomes a shoe designer, please show the love to size 13 women.


The Perkins said...

I am also in a cute shoe slump. so dont feel bad. I only wear a seven and a half, but i just cant find cute shoes that i want. i think it is because i am going through a very cheap phase. plus i have to focus all of my money on new clothes since i am a bit short on the right size right now. SOOOOO--my suggestion is to buy a couple new pairs of crocs since you LOVE yours and they are confy. see you tomorrow.

Mikaela said...

SEriously didn't know you were a 13...I should stop complaining about being an 11...but having big feet really does SUCK! Have you tried the Nordstrom Rack? They carry 13s...maybe not as "cute" as the shoes you have on your blog at the moment...hehehehehe! Good luck, and I'm sorry! Big feet are NOT fun!