August 5, 2008

[ Priest Lake ]

Priest Lake 2008 By the Numbers

34 consecutive days spent at Priest Lake
2 movies on the beach (Cars & Enchanted)
66 scrapbook pages created
1 night at Hill's Karaoke
7 Huckleberry Daquiris
1 completed cross-stitch from start to finish
16 naps
2 Coolin Bay Sandwhiches from Leonard Paul
over 150 games of Progressive Rummy
2 dinners at Trent's @ Cavanaugh Bay
1 fun night with the Eppich's
7 rounds of Beer Pong
1 day in Coeur d'Alene
3 trips to Korners to use their wireless internet
1 Huckleberry Daquiri tour
5 friends coming to visit
6 Heiders
4 Kochs
2 dogs
34 amazing days = one amazing summer!


Jenks Family said...

i just love all the things you did at the lake. i wish we could have stayed as long as you did, one week is just not enough. it is our favorite place to be.

Brock & Emily Gibbons said...

HOW FUN! I'm so jealoous you got to stay up there that long! Thats so awesome. Sounds like you guys had A BLAST!