August 24, 2008

[ question from my MOM ]

my mom loves reading everyone's blogs...i keep telling her she should start her own blog since she enjoys reading everyone else's so much, but so far all that's gotten is a smirk.
anyway - she told me tonight that she has two questions to ask my faithful blog readers:

1. What kind of camera would you recommend for the family photographer?

(ok - she just read my blog and specified her question - she wants a digital camera and she wants one that can fit in her purse - not a cool one like Shanae and Jamie's)

2. What kind of vacuum do you prefer?

so, if you can - help a girl out. :)
she's dying without a camera (and truthfully, so are we...with her current camera, she can take one picture, then it turns off and she has to turn it back on to take a second picture) - and apparently we need a vacuum. who needs to vacuum, anyway?! honestly...
p.s. my Mom also wanted me to clarify that I do not own
any of those God-awful shoes in my previous post...I hope that was
evident before I had to you know me at all?!


southwti said...

Alrighty since you don't want a big 'ole camera like mine, hehehe, I would recommend a Canon Powershot. I have one that fits in my pocket for those times when I don't want to take my big one with me. They make one with an "IS" which just means it gives you a clearer shot. Check out
As far as vacuums go get one with a bag for goodness sakes. . I hate my bagless ones because when you go to dump it the stuff flies all over you. Yuck!

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

Lol that is funny I was just going to Say the Cannon Powershots.. it has been my favorite for years. My Mom has a Cannon Powershots and I love using it... And hey if My Mom can use it so can any Mom! ;) Love you Connie!

And Vacuum... I did some house sitting for a friend of mine and she has the Roomba... AWESOME! Other then that Bag less is smart way to go.


The McGary's said...

I don't have any advice on the vacuum or camera but to answer your question. I love to scrapbook but I am not good at it. That is something I would love to be good at but oh well! Plus I get so behind on my kids' books that I get overwhelmed and almost dread pulling it all out and even starting on it. Sometimes I wonder if I should just throw them in an album and call it good!:)

Mikaela said...

Okay, sounds like they've covered the camera issue, which I have no advice on, but I do have advice on a vaccuum. I have a Dyson and I LOVE IT! It picks up EVERYTHING! It sucks up EVERYTHING! It's AWESOME! I LOVE IT! Did I mention I love it? Honestly, it's the best vaccuum I've used. It's more expensive, but you won't have to replace it. THey have it at costco too, which I love! So yeah, if your mom wants a good one, go with the Dyson. My sister's have them, and they love them too!

SoLoCoBaby said...

Yeah, I gotta agree with Mikaela on the Dyson. My parents have one; I try to steal it everytime I visit, but it won't fit into my luggage...

I'm kinda sad about the camera info, cause we just bought one, and that's so not what we bought... :O(