November 5, 2012

.football playoff game @ Cle Elum.

The first playoff game was at Cle Elum against Cle Elum last night. Road trips are fun with this group – and even though it was a LONG trip, the girls made it go by fast and it was fun. We left right after school and stopped in Ellensburg for dinner.

Self portraits and Starbucks = good road trip!

self portraits (1)

self portraits (2)

self portraits (4)

self portraits (3)

There were no outlets in the bathroom at McDonald’s…so what’s a girl to do? Hang out in the hallway, of course!

cle elum (2)

When we got to Cle Elum, it was raining…which was SUCH a bummer because the girls had prepared an awesome stunt sequence. I told them if it stopped raining during the 2nd quarter, they could do the dance with the stunt. Here they are praying for the rain to stop. :)

cle elum (3)

Those pretty senior girls!

cle elum (1)

Their names are on their hoods – and they looked so funny doing this!

   cle elum (4) 

The girls’ prayers were answered and the rain stopped, so they were able to do their dance!

Right as they were getting ready to go on the field to perform, a streaker ran by. Yes, you read that correctly – a STREAKER! It was the craziest thing I’ve seen! The poor girls were shocked and surprised (as were the rest of us) and totally traumatized!



Unfortunately, the music got screwed up and the wrong song was played.


They were able to do the stunt sequence at the beginning, but the end ripples were messed up!

IMG_3356 IMG_3363 IMG_3369

Kick Line….the trademark of the 2012 Football squad!

 IMG_3377 IMG_3381

Even though it didn’t work out like we had planned, I’m proud of the girls for keeping their composure & being professional. They are awesome!


Heather got a group shot of us! :)

photo 5

Unfortunately, the football team just couldn’t keep up with Cle Elum and we lost, ending the season. We were so disappointed – especially the seniors, of course.

cle elum (5)

On Monday at school, one of the girls at school said, “I don’t know why your season has to revolve around the football team. You don’t suck!”

It was a bummer for the season to come to an end so much earlier than we are used to…this was such a stellar and special squad that I really was disappointed the season was over so soon. Usually I’m ready for the season to be over, but I could’ve hung out with these girls for much longer!

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