November 1, 2012

.happy halloween.

Halloween was a fun day – a lot of the students dressed up, so that was fun. I wore a fancy headband with a zebra ribbon and bats on wires.

A Blue M & M and a giraffe stopped by my office a few times during the day…Crazies!

photo 2

Lisa posted this picture of Frances & Louise. They are just too darn cute!

photo 5

Mom & I were home to give out candy. I put this little hat on Samson & put an outfit on Coco. We didn’t have too many trick-or-treaters so we headed down to Grandma’s where she was handing out candy with Mark & Kim.

   photo 3

By the time we got to Grandma’s at 7:30pm, she was out of candy and had to turn off the lights. Nick, Kate, & Kamryn stopped by on their way home from Washtucna. Kamryn wasn’t so sure at first, but finally warmed up to us. I think she always thinks that Mom and I are going to take her, since that is what we usually do!

 photo 4

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