November 12, 2012

.quick trip to Seattle.

Mom and I headed over to Seattle yesterday for a quick trip for her to cash in her birthday presents from Melissa and I! We left early on Sunday morning, stopped in Othello for breakfast at McDonalds (yum!), stopped in Ellensburg for Starbucks (duh!), and then met up with Melissa at IKEA. Mom & I were looking for a coffee table and a chair for the basement, so we joined in the sprint around IKEA with the rest of the population in the greater Seattle area! We were successful in finding what we were looking for and were ready for a late lunch/early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! After dinner we went to Nordstrom for their half yearly sale and made a few other stops before heading to our hotel in Bellevue. We settled in, watched Revenge, and ate our cheesecake!

This morning, we stopped at Starbucks on our way out and then dropped Mom off at Gene Juarez for her spa/salon day! She got pampered with a pedicure, a makeup session, a brow wax, and a haircut. While she was there, Melissa and I found the Bellevue Goodwill – because she heard that they would have great stuff. FAIL! So we went to Bell Square, to Nordstrom, Brighton, Victoria’s Secret, and Forever 21. We had much better luck there! :)

295791_634852369195_1426868099_n We met Mom at the  brewery restaurant next door to Gene Juarez for a quick lunch before she & I headed back home. She looked gorg after her makeover – fresh and fun!

Even though it was a quick trip – we packed a lot into it and had a great time, as usual!

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