December 1, 2011

.who’s house? OUR house!.

We had a pep assembly today to send the football boys off to the state championship game! We get very few pep assemblies, so we have to take advantage when we have one!

The cheerleaders lead a cheer…

IMG_1246 IMG_1248

Evan the Coug introduced


mean, ugly, old Coach Riner. :)


He had some great things to say about this team and got the school pumped about the game. The different TV stations have been around the school and the field the last few days. There is a lot of excited people around here! :)

These are the seniors. It’s their third time playing in the championship game. That’s an accomplishment not many people have.


The rest of the team…


We have some VERY excited cheerleaders!


I love this picture of them!


Melissa made this sign today for the bus. SO CUTE! Any guesses what song they’re routine is to for Saturday?!


Uh oh….”The Kirston” is becoming contagious!


Hopefully I’ll get to share some VERY exciting news when I return from Tacoma! :) GO EAGLES!

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