December 4, 2011

.state champs 2011!.

I just re-read the beginning of my blog from last year’s state football game…I think I’ll just copy it here since it’s exactly the way I would’ve started this blog post!

“We got to leave with the cheerleaders at lunchtime on Friday to make our way to Tacoma. Luckily, the pass was bare & wet, so we had a beautiful trip over. We checked into our hotel and bee lined for the mall. After getting hit by rush-hour traffic, we were all ready to get out of the car and move around.”

I followed them into Nordstrom and as soon as I walked through the door, saw this. Are you serious?!

friday (3)

We headed straight for the 2nd floor to see SANTA! They helped get a little girl to smile while sitting on Santa’s lap and then did a cheer in the middle of Nordstrom for Santa and his elves. Too funny!

friday (1)

 friday (2) 

We did some shopping and people watching and then headed to our traditional dinner at Red Robin. They’d been calling me Darcy all night…and thought it was hilarious when the hostess said, “Darcy? Party of 8?” We celebrated my birthday too! The girls swam and stunted in the pool when we got back to the hotel. They practiced the dance a few times and got some beauty sleep!!

On Saturday morning, you should’ve seen those hotel rooms. They looked like a bomb exploded! There was mass hair curling and makeup applications! Seven very beautiful girls got in the suburban for the Tacoma Dome!

state champs! (4)state champs! (5)

We watched the end of the Lynden-Archbishop Murphy game and practiced the dance a few times before our game started.

We had a great crowd and a lot of excited fans!

state champs! (8)state champs! (9)

state champs! (11)

The girls with our great Eagle mascot!

 state champs! (12)

The introductions…

 state champs! (13) state champs! (14) 

Let’s start the game!
Connell Eagles vs. Cascade Christian Cougars
(for the 3rd year in a row!)

The cheerleaders did awesome at the game. They did everything Melissa and I asked them to – cheering LOTS, short cheers everyone can participate in, coming up into the stands…they were great!

 state champs! (16) state champs! (17) state champs! (18)

The football wasn’t half bad either. :) haha
The boys let Cascade Christian get a touchdown early on and then we answered back with 4 more to shut them down. They did the job they went to do and did it good!!

 state champs! (19)

Ryan with a sack! YEAH!

 state champs! (1)

During halftime, Whitney and Paxton collected “coins for the cause” – it’s a competition between the two playing schools to see who can collect the most money for a charity (I don’t even remember which one). They do it at each game and when they announced which school won (CONNELL!!), they said we’d collected the most money so far that weekend! We played in the 4th of 6 games. Yeah Connell!

state champs! (21)

The cheerleaders performed a dance/stunt routine during halftime. They did so great – they made me cry while I was watching them! Melissa taught them this dance on Monday and they performed it perfectly just 5 days later!

Some action shots… :)

state champs! (27) state champs! (28) state champs! (29)

 state champs! (30)

 state champs! (31)

  state champs! (33)

The girls coming back after their performance.

 state champs! (34)

Matt only got in one of his signature touchdown runs – but it was perfect timing to clench the win! He ended his career with a state record breaking 124 touchdowns!

state champs! (6) 

By the 4th quarter, we were ahead 28-7 and excitement was building!

 state champs! (37) state champs! (38)

Kyle Berry: “Can you feel it?!”

state champs! (39)

The coaches celebrating a victory!

 state champs! (40)

“#1! #1! #1!”
”We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!”

 state champs! (41)

The team running onto the field in victory!

 state champs! (42) state champs! (43)

What a celebration! They worked so hard for this! The Eagles ended the season 13-1. Pretty darn awesome!

 state champs! (44)

 state champs! (45)   state champs! (48) 

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

So exciting to cheer for a state championship!

state champs! (50)

The seniors with the coaches! What a great accomplishment for them!

state champs! (3)

And Coach Riner – who’s almost as fun to watch as the players! Love his enthusiasm!

state champs! (2)

Congratulations to the Eagles for winning the 3rd state championship in 9 years (someone had on their Facebook – 3 championships and 3 2nd places in 9 years! We are so lucky to have a great football program!). So proud of these Eagles – they marked their spot in history!

Connell Eagles – 28
Cascade Christian Cougars – 7
in the best two out of three!

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