December 8, 2011

.celebration parade.

I love this tradition - - and I love that we are fortunate enough to get to do this quite often! :)

When a sports team wins a state championship, the fire department takes them around town on a couple of fire trucks during lunch time. At the end of their trek, they came up by the high school. The students all went out onto the sidewalk to cheer the team on as they drove by.

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Here they come!

 photo 3

 photo 4

 photo 5 photo 1

photo 2 

The trophy!

photo 3

One thing I learned today – the trophy is hollow underneath and has the signatures of past champions. So cool to see familiar names scattered all over! (Thanks Jennifer for the picture!)


 photo 4   


How awesome is that view? TWO state championship trophies in our office?! Every time I walk down the hallway from my office to the main office, this is what I see! Pretty cool!


Here is Jennifer with the softball trophy. Her team won the state championship her senior year – but never got pictures with the trophy since it didn’t come to the school until after they’d graduated. I made her let me take a picture of her – this was her chance! :)


It’s a great day to be an Eagle!

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