April 28, 2011

. busy week .

I’m sure this has already been used as a blog post title a time or two…but it definitely describes this past week!

Jennifer & I have been working hard to move forward on master schedule building…we still have a ways to go, but we’re getting closer every day!!

We’ve had cheer tryout practice this week, culminating with cheer tryouts tonight. Here’s our group of girls that were trying out!

cheer tryouts

We ended up with a great group of girls for our 2011/2012 squads. I’m so excited for football season to start! :)

I found out today that as of Monday, we have exactly 6 weeks left of school, which means 7 for me! Wow – that is definitely manageable, but there is so much left to do between now and then! Priest Lake on my mind….every gosh darn day between now and then!

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