April 20, 2011

. catching up .

Since last week,

  • the Europe vacationers came home! It has been fun hearing their stories and seeing some of their pictures. Kate Hawk brought me this mug from Starbucks!
    photo 1
    It was so sweet of her to think of me. She didn’t even know that I have a small collection of similar city mugs from around the US. They’re packed away, so I can’t remember if I have an international one or not. I’ve been using this one the last few days for my morning coffee. I feel so special! Jennifer brought me a beautiful green pashmina that I have on the back of my desk chair for now. I can’t wait to wear it!
  • I’ve spent the weekend at the Palouse Divide Lodge scrapbooking with my Mom, Melissa, Amy Kleinbach, and about 20 other ladies. I got 18 double page spreads finished in a little less than 48 hours. There was a lot of snow left up there, but it rained most of the day on Saturday some melted. It was a fun getaway to a cozy lodge with good friends!
  • We came back on Sunday afternoon and headed straight for Johnson’s to celebrate Kamryn’s 1st birthday (already?!) and see the Vissers. Melissa kept saying, “the Swiss are here!” We spent a relaxing afternoon with them, catching up and helping Kamryn celebrate! She liked the tissue paper part of her presents best! I gave her this cute swim suit, so we had her model for us. She is definitely on the go, so no still shots!

photo 2

  • I went to Delt Clark’s T-Ball game yesterday. T-ball is just something you have to go to each spring! It was fun to watch – and it cracked me up when the kids kept asking if it was snacktime yet!

The next few days are full with Senior Parent Night, Masonic Junior Achievement Night, Stunt Certification Training for Cheer, and Easter on Sunday! I think I’ll be ready for a big nap on Sunday afternoon!

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