January 13, 2013

.the week that was.

The first week back to work after Christmas break was full – a full five days and full of fun (note the sarcasm)!

It did go by fast – and now we’re on to week #2 post break. This will be another full week and we get to look forward to a 3-day weekend! YES!

Here are a few pictures from my phone this week…

Notre Dame was in the BCS Championship football game with Alabama. Esther, a ND alum, told me about these shirts she saw in the airport in Miami. They are too great!

photo 1

We had EOC testing this week for Biology, Geometry, and Algebra. The students who weren’t testing got to do extended STAT blocks – two 2-hour blocks each day. Madi got bored on the 2nd day and came to hang out in my office.

 photo 2

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, which means back to scheduling for me. Whoop whoop (again with the sarcasm!). Coffee helps ease the pain.

 photo 3

New iPhone 5 case! I love it!

 photo 4

I went to the basketball game on Friday night against Riverview (blech – Riverview!) – and the morph squad showed up! They are too much!!

photo 1

Grayson, Kaitlynn, Madi, Sommer, Kody, Marci, Kirston, Ashley, and Rashae

 photo 5 

I got this sweet text from Kate today…made my day! Love that girl!

photo 2

Some of my friends are going through an unthinkable, heartbreaking situation right now – serious, living a nightmare. They have been at the forefront of my mind since I heard about their tragedy yesterday. Sending love and many many prayers.

Bring on the scheduling, finals, attendance appeals, and freaking cold weather this week!

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