January 6, 2013

.christmas break.

Christmas break has been absolutely wonderful! At the beginning of break – with two full weeks and three weekends – there were so many possibilities for what could fill that time. Now that it’s back to school tomorrow, some of our hopes were granted and some didn’t get to happen.

I got to visit with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time – Eric & Dottie, Jody, the Heider crew…watched a lot of movies, took naps, worked in the craft room, read a little bit, and watched 2 seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix. Success. :)

I finished my first Dresden blocks and the quilt top they go on.

photo 2

Naps all around!

 photo 3

New nail polish for back to school – inspired by Pinterest!

 photo 4

Samson laying on the couch is like kryptonite for me…makes me want to lie down with him and snuggle in. Going back to school is going to be brutal!

 photo 5

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