January 6, 2013

.craft day.

All break I was looking forward to January 5 – because it was craft day with friends! Jessica, Amy, & Kate were planning to come over to craft and chat and eat and laugh – always a favorite day! Jessica didn’t end up getting to come – darn committed momma’s making sure their little girls get to birthday parties!

We had a fun day – lots of everything I’d hoped for: crafting, chatting, eating, and laughing! I think we all got a lot done – in all of those categories!

Mom got a lot of play time with Kamryn in!

photo 1

I got a lot of “Marcie help you!”

 photo 2

 photo 3

Some iPad games – I think the 2 year old is teaching the 60 year old here. :)

 photo 4

I went out to Nick and Kate’s in the evening and we made dinner with a recipe I found on Pinterest! It was yummy and definitely a keeper. Kate & I agreed that adding pineapple would make it even better!

 photo 5

I cannot wait for the next craft day – which WILL include Jessica – and I think it WILL be a whole weekend long. YES!