October 11, 2008

[ christmas is coming ]

So, what to do on a lazy Saturday? Right! Start to think about Christmas!! :)

(Well....there ARE only 74 days left until Christmas day!!!)

So, here's what I did today (so far):

1. Order Christmas Picture Cards from
(buy 50 get 25 free until the end of October!)

2. Finish some gifts that I'd started working on about a month ago
(I still need a few things to completely finish them, but they're pretty much done!)

3. Search the internet for some creative letter ideas and start brainstorming the highlights of 2008

4. Finish a cross-stitch that I'll frame and give to someone

5. Rack my brain to think of gifts for my family
(anyone have any ideas for a Mom, a Dad, a shoe-junkie Sister, and two spoiled dogs?!)
Even though I'm freezing cold right now, I'm thinking of getting a milkshake from Burger that crazy?


Mikaela said...

It's funny you mention this because I've been thinking of getting started on gifts and craft ideas...

Oh, and I had a slurpee today from 7-11 and it was freezing here, so no, you're not crazy!

The McGary's said...

I too think of Christmas often, I started about two months ago:) And I would take a peanut butter shake from Burger Factory at any temperature:) As far as gifts go, I have no idea that's why I have to start thinking about it so early parents are the hardest for me!! And they usually are not very helpful in the idea department.

Mikaela said...

Okay, i haven't decided what crafts to do, but whatever I do will be SIMPLE! I'm not very good at crafty sort of things...that was one gene I didn't get.

I did see the Knight girls in your picture, but I didn't see Lexi, but I did when I looked again. Looks like a fun time! :)

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

So Yeah I have all my shopping done for all the girls on my list. I have been working at Tipton's in Seaside... home decor and candy shop... And we were bored one day and so we "played store" and can't say no to a discount! It has been Christmas in our store all summer. (Christmas music and everything) I LOVE IT!!