April 23, 2008

[ Scrapbook Retreat ]

This past weekend, I went to a Scrapbook Retreat at the Palouse Divide Lodge outside of Potlatch, ID with Amy, Melissa, Jessica, Martha, Janet, and Peggy. I was really nervous about going - I didn't want to be out in the middle of nowhere for two whole days and I really wasn't sure I wanted to scrapbook for a whole weekend, when I haven't done it in over two years. Anyway - I ended up having a really great time and I got 34 stinkin' pages done! :) I was surprisingly happy with how they turned out and I've even made two more pages since I got home! Here's some pictures of what I accomplished:


southwti said...

Awesome Marcie! Love all those pages! Thanks for sharing! You've inspired me to scrapbook today!


David and Kira said...

Holy Cow Marcie! You don't mess around! Those are so stinkin' cute!! Great job and 34!!!

Looking forward to seeing you in a week!

Mikaela said...

Okay, I'm jealous! I'm so not talented in the scrapbook department. I try, but mine don't come out like yours. DANG CUTE! What a fun weekend. No stress or things to worry about, but just having a good time. Sounds like a blast!

Scott and Kelli said...

I love your pages, so cute! You wanna come do some of mine? I haven't done any since we moved here. I think you've inspired me. Thanks!

The McGary's said...

I was snooping around and saw your blog. Your pages are so dang cute, you have quite the talent. I wish that was one of my strong points but I guess I can only keep trying:)