April 11, 2008

Just another Friday Night

Just spending Friday night with the family...playing Guitar Hero with Kleinbach's, and watching Miss USA (they are in VEGAS!!)...

They're showing a lot of the sights of's fun to see!
We were cheering on Miss Idaho, since she's a fellow Whitworth-ian (Hello Pink!), but she didn't make it into the Top 15. Bummer.
(Melissa and I always saw her around Spokane and she was always wearing Pink, so we started calling her "Pink". Clever nickname?!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marcie!
I almost ordered a guitar hero for our wii yesterday but it's rated T and I won't let the kids play T rated games so I couldn't order it. Tim already asks me on a regular basis who we ordered the wii for the kids or us! Hehehe!