April 4, 2008

[ Spring Break ]

I have thoroughly enjoyed my three days of Spring Break at home. The first day back from Vegas, we were lazy, lazy bums. We cleaned up the DVR, caught up on rest, and reunited with the puppies! I went to the Tri-Cities yesterday for a dentist appointment and lunch with Jamie, Jen, and Leah. I'm back home today...I absolutely love being home, having no schedule, watching Samson plop his head down on the couch pillow, and blog-stalking on my laptop!
I also have gotten a project done that I've had in mind for quite a while. This may not sound exciting to most of you, but once I got it done last night, I was thrilled!
I bought these file labels on ebay a while back...there is one for every color of paper that Stampin' Up sells. I put them in order by color family, two colors to a file. I got a great rolling file cart (not my 1st choice, but it will do for now) so I can roll it around the craft room! I gathered all my Stampin' Up paper from various locations around the craft room and...get this...filed them by color!! Yeah! I'm super stoked... Now I know what colors I have, what colors I need, etc. This is so exciting!!

So, today is Friday...offically the last day of Spring Break. Boo. Not that I haven't had a great time...I just look at my calendar for the next two months and want to go back to bed! It's going to be a crazy ride, but I'm looking forward to the best reward at the end of it...PRIEST LAKE!!! I can do anything when I can see Priest Lake as the light at the end of the tunnel!


David and Kira said...

I love Priest Lake! It is sooo beautiful up there! That brings good memories back...that's where I learned to water ski with 1 ski! Good memories...

The Perkins said...

You should be a professional organizer. Seriously. If you were not so great at your job, I would tell you to quit. People would pay you tons of money to make their offices and spare bedrooms look like your file folders. That's just one of the things I love about you:) Tell Samson Hi!!!

Hauni Crockett said...

Next time you are in Utah can I hire you to come organize my house?! I have to be in the right mood for that which happens once years maybe! You have a gift :)