March 11, 2013

.new car!.

After taking the Durango to get worked on a few times – water pump, thermostat, something else that I can’t remember, and finally the fuel pump – I decided it was time to let it go. I loved that car, so it was hard to say goodbye!


I looked online for a while – and every time we went to the west side, I’d check out all the cars on the freeway! It’s the perfect place to look for what you like!! I liked the look of the Toyota 4Runner and decided that is what I wanted. I found one on in Everett – it was a great price with lots of the extras I wanted and only 19,000 miles! We made the drive to Everett on Sunday and came home with this!


I never thought I’d get a red car – but it’s not red….it’s Salsa! :)


I am loving it so far and just want to drive it all over! So far, it’s just been around Connell, but the weather has been so nice, I’ve been able to use the sunroof!

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