March 17, 2013

.miss connell.

Miss Connell was last night…formally known as Distinguished Young Women…formally formally known as Junior Miss! It is still really hard for me to go to Junior Miss after the traumatic end to the Koch era of Junior Miss. I like to go to support my students – they amaze me and make me so proud!

This year, Mom & I went to dinner at Michael Jay’s with Kate & Karen before the program. It’s always great to spend time with them – but even better to enjoy time with them to take my mind off of things! Love that Kate!


Sommer is the outgoing Junior Miss. She is a rockstar and inspires me everyday with her hard work ethic, pushing herself to go the extra mile, and for getting great grades while applying for a million scholarships while being a part time farm hand. That girl can do work! Then she can turn around and be a beautiful Junior Miss!


The 2013 Miss Connell and finalists – some of my favorite junior girls!

Kyle Booker, Carly Knight, Karigan Eppich, and Kaitlynn Kleinbach


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