March 24, 2013

.brenna beth.

Little Miss Brenna Beth Wieseler was born on February 7th – isn’t she precious?!


The weekend before she was born, her momma and I along with 30 of our closest friends were at the Craft Retreat! I pieced this quilt on Friday night at the retreat, right under Amy’s nose. She had no idea that it was for the baby!


I finally got it quilted and bound about a month later…just in time for my first time meeting Brenna!

This fabric is a favorite of Amy’s and mine – such cute little farm animals and red polka dots. Who doesn’t love red polka dots?!  

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The Wieselers said...

We love love love it! :) I still can't believe you did this right in front of me! Sneaky sneaky! Thanks again- its so cute!!