March 16, 2010


I got a comment on my blog post about this quilt today....
remember this one? I think it could be my very favorite one I've 2010 so far! :)

A nice stranger lady commented that she's seen this quilt on several different blogs now and they have a pattern for it and this is the example quilt to go with the pattern.

I was thinking it wouldn't be a very cute girly quilt, but it's super cute!
She said it's also in this quilt book:
Good to know after I spent HOURS drawing it out by hand!! :) Just kidding - it was a fun process and I'm still pretty proud of the result.
Thank you Wendy!


The Perkins said...

btw...i have not made block 4 yet. LAZY!!!!

The Perkins said...

Add that to my to-do list. LOVE IT!!!!

ellsworth family said...

Sweet! I do love that quilt... and your quilt along blocks.

Wendy said...

Hey! I'm not a stranger anymore! LOL

I think it is such a fun, adaptable pattern. Great for an I Spy quilt, or almost anything. Even plaid flannels would work.

That tessalation quilt is one of my WIPs. As I make novelty print boxers for DH, I save the leftover pieces and someday he'll have a quilt from them.

Thanks so much for linking to my blog!!! Maybe I will have some more (more than 2) readers now?

Hello said...

Gorgeous quilt! Love the pattern, too!

Mountain Baby Blankets

Wendy said...

I have to admit I was mistaken about the Tesselations version. It is a little different.

The one I was thinking of (and am making) must be in a magazine of mine. Quilts and More? Quilts?

Sorry for the misinformation!