March 1, 2010

...all things baby...

Jessica has been making lots of things for baby gifts and has inspired me to try some of them! Thanks for the ideas and for letting me steal them Jess!

I'm accumulating quite the baby gift stash. I kinda like it. That way, I'm never against a deadline - I can just pull something suitable out of my drawer. I have several items in the drawer now and more on their way!

This is a diaper holder/changing pad. It's flannel on both sides and oh-so-soft.
I made one for Kate and another one to have on hand for a gift.

This is what it looks like folded up. So cute!
Burp cloths - I've made about 13 of these in the last week. They're easy and a great gift.
I bought a 4-pack of flannel receiving blankets on sale at Target and it made 8 burp cloths.
I love the zebra print!!
Ok - who's having a baby around here? :)


The Perkins said...

You forgot to mention that jessica steals ALL of her ideas and has not had an original idea EVER:) Good work chica!!!

The McGary's said...

I am not having a baby but would maybe consider it to get something from you, you are amazing!

The Perkins said...

That is funny that you told me about THE HELP--I was just looking into that book yesterday. I looked it up to see if it was at the library. They have 14 copies that are ALL out. AND there are 42 people in line to put it on hold. I am guessing it will be a while before I catch up with that one:)

southwti said...

Don't look at me! No more babies here we're outnumbered as it is! Lol! Miss u Marcie!

Ryan & Sarah said...

Hey miss talented! I AM having a baby and I'm not going to be able to make one thing for this little bug!
You are a wealth of knowledge so maybe you can help steer me to a blanket or quilt style/pattern for a newbie? I want to have pretty things like you but I dont know where to start! lol

Countrylivn' said...

Marci- the knitted head bands are in the girls section at both target and Walmart, both stores have a little hair/hat/jewelry section in the girls department, I hope you can find them! I just some them at both places yesterday so our stores still have them, Im sure yours will too! So much fun!