September 7, 2008

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Just another Sunday afternoon watching The Food Network cake challenge. Church this morning was back to the 10:45am time schedule - a true sign summer is over. :( We had a Youth Group Leaders meeting after church to plan for our kick-off day. I'm really excited for Kate & Nick to be getting involved!!

This week felt like it was getting back to normal at work. The rush of changing schedules is over. All the students have (or I sure hope they do) the classes they're supposed to have to fulfill graduation and/or WASL requirements. Did our high school counselors do this much work?

This weekend:
  • the cheerleaders debut football game. The girls did great, but the football team lost to Othello, 29-14. According to the chatty kid sitting in front of us, it was the first time in four years we've lost to Othello. Bummer. The Eagles will have a chance to redeem themselves next week against Cashmere.

  • Cody and Jani Montizaan's beautiful wedding at Stone Ridge Event Center in Pasco. Jani is Melissa's friend from elementary/jr high/high school. We had a fun evening of friends, drinks, and dancing. Grandma freaked on the dance floor and I got to spend some time with my dear friend, Lindsay.

  • I don't have pictures, but Mom and I did enjoy a nice lunch at Fiesta! with Jamie and Leah yesterday. We guilted Leah into updating her blog - which she has since done...twice! :)

In other news this week, I'm even more impressed with Sarah Palin after the Republican National Convention and her acceptance speech. Did anyone catch her daughter Piper licking her entire hand to smooth down infant Trig's hair? If that was not the cutest thing! I totally want to be friends with Sarah. I think she rocks. I wish the damn media would lay off her and let her & McCain just campaign. Who cares that her husband got a DUI 15 years ago? Who cares that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant? Every family goes through trials and challenges, but I think it's more how they persevere through it that tells the truth of the family's characteristics. I'm gleaning all the information I can on Gov. Palin...I bought the People and US Weekly magazines with her on the cover. Skip the US Weekly, in my opinion. They spin a negative view of her. At this very minute, I'm downloading some of the speeches from the RNC that I missed. Melissa says I'm obsessed. What's wrong with that?

In the Koch household, we're also busy campaigning for Commissioner Koch! We've been putting up signs, writing donation letters, designing a flyer, buying candy for the Fall Festival parade, and talking politics practically everywhere we go. Who knew?! :) Dad has a Commissioners Forum tomorrow in Pasco that he's preparing for. Unfortunately, it's during the day, so we can't go to support him. If anyone subscribes to Charter Cable in the Tri-City area, you should be able to catch it - they're broadcasting it.

This upcoming week is another full one. Beta starts on Tuesday. Kate & I are sharing the responsibilities of being the Beta secretary - I'll do the fall and she'll do the spring. I spent a while today trying to get a handle on what I need to be paying attention to during our meeting and finding out what exactly my responsibilities are. The Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show is this week also - the cheerleaders are supposed to be selling snow cones, but our time is running out to prepare and we haven't rented the machine, bought supplies, or figured everything out yet. Lovely...

I'm also looking forward to the first volleyball game on Thursday against Othello. No School for students on Friday - Teacher's Inservice. Fall Festival festivities this weekend - Friday night football game, Karaoke @ Hazy's, Parade on Saturday morning, Street Dance Friday night, Bonfire at Johnson's - and hopefully selling snow cones during my free time. HA!

Another full week.

(P.S. In case you're wondering...I started re-watching Grey's Anatomy beginning with Season 1 and I'm waiting for Season One of "The Office" from Netflix. Thanks for your suggestions!)


The Perkins said...

I hear ya on the Palin thing. I love her too. I can't help trying to read/watch anything about her. I had fun at the game Friday. I am glad I didn't quit:) Can't wait for the home game. I think if we get the snow cone thing going--fine and if not--fine too. let me know.

The Wieselers said...

Hey- we tried your recipe for chiken/strawberry salad from the Onion- YUMMY! Thanks for the idea!