September 25, 2008

[ TACO BUS!!! ]

Melissa and I can't get enough of "La Herradura" - aka: The Connell Taco Bus.

We heart mucho tacos de asada. Tonight makes twice this week!!

They are yummy and oh-so-cheap - $1.25 each. I usually am full with 3 of them.

This is my first taco bus experience and it has been awesome - we'd eat them every day of the week if we could!

Just had to show the love to the taco bus! :)


The Perkins said...

I just have to say that I love that you took a picture of the taco bus. That is why I love you. Well that and....well there is just too much:)

The McGary's said...

how funny. Chad loves taco buses but i haven't been able to get myself to go. I just might have to try one now.

Mikaela said...

That's awesome! I haven't been there, but my nieces and nephews talk about how it's good...maybe next time I'm in the neighborhood...tacos sound good, YUM!

Jenn Davidson said...

NOOOOO WAY! I have ZEROOOOO taco trucks here! that does noot make me happy! hahaha jk! it's amazing but I've never had connell tacos.. are they safe? ha