September 30, 2008

[ thankful for friends ]

for some reason, i've been struggling this week - with work, with life, with family, etc.

i just want to shout out to my friends, how lucky i am to have them in my life:

kate: who brightens my day and inspires me to improve myself
(we need another picture session - this isn't a great one!)

jessica (& emersyn): who always make me laugh

jen & jody: for their constant friendship

and this guy...i miss him...i mean, i just saw him saturday, but i miss him


David and Kira said...

who is him?!!! Hope you are having a better day today!!

southwti said...

Hang in there Marcie! I'll be thinking of you.

Scott and Kelli said...

It's nice to have good friends around. I hope you're feeling better.

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

It's great to have friends and family close to us... but more important we have Jesus to be our closest friend. Let me tell you He has been there for me so much lately. When I'm thinking that I not making the right choice He shows me scriptures that I am making the right choices and that things are not in my control but in His. Hope your weekend and next week are better.
Annette Olivieri