July 17, 2012

.the old neighborhood.

While we were in Tacoma, we decided to take a little drive around Lakewood and South Tacoma to see our old house and other landmarks from our Tacoma life.

We drove by my Dad’s shop, Edgewood Auto Electric, but failed to get a picture.

We went by Lakewood Auto Body and Mountain View Cemetary, where my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dick, and brother Bobby are buried, on our way to our old neighborhood.

This is the house my family lived in until we moved to Connell…both Melissa and I were brought home from the hospital to this house.


I remember sitting on the steps that led from the main floor to the garage while my Mom literally TORE curlers out of my hair…and watching my brother play Atari in his room…and watching myself cry in the mirrored closet doors in my room…and being sad that I had to go to bed while the adults got to stay up late and hang out in the hot tub…and walking around the house with the policemen after our home was broken in to…and watching polywogs turn into frogs in the mason jar on our kitchen window sill…and watching “The Wizard of Oz” on TV while my Dad recorded it on to a VHS with a “remote control” that had a cord attached to the VCR.  We moved when I was 4 1/2, so those are pretty much all the memories I have of living in that house. I remember the entire layout of it and those handful of memories.


It had a pond in the backyard…pretty cool, huh?!


A few blocks away was the house my Grandma Jean and Grandpa Ernie lived in. It looks pretty much the same as I remember!


After my Grandpa died in 1987, my Grandma moved from this house to a smaller town home.


They had a large garden in the back…I remember picking carrots out of the soil and washing it off with the garden hose and eating it right in the back yard. I loved picking strawberries and eating them with whipped cream, which my Grandma always had in the fridge! Lots of fun memories in this house too!


It was fun to walk down memory lane for an afternoon and reminisce on our Tacoma-life.

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melissa said...

hahaha....i love your memories of the house! watching yourself crying in the mirror is my favorite!