July 13, 2012

.happy 70th birthday Dad!.

My Dad turned 70 yesterday! It seems impossible!
We went to Tacoma to spend the weekend with Melissa & Ryan. We surprised Dad by going to a favorite restaurant on the Tacoma waterfront: Harbor Lights.


I was excited to go to Harbor Lights too, since I’d never been, but had heard my parents talk about it for my whole life! About 15+ years ago, my Mom, Dad, Grandma, & I were going to Tacoma for something and had reservations at Harbor Lights. Melissa had stayed home to go to a birthday party and stay with friends. When we were between Othello & Royal, we got a call that Melissa broke her collarbone while playing softball at the birthday party. We had to turn around and never made it to Harbor Lights.

We met Melissa and Ryan there and had a great seafood dinner!

IMG_1538 IMG_1576


The Tacoma waterfront was so pretty (who would’ve ever thought I’d say Tacoma was pretty??!), so we tried to take some pictures.

IMG_1571   IMG_1590IMG_1572  IMG_1574   

Happy Birthday Dad – 70 looks pretty good on you!

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melissa said...

sorry about that...;) glad we were able to go-fun!