September 29, 2009

[ eden ]

Ya'll know how I love a great giveaway:

This giveaway is for Lila Tueller's new fabric line EDEN in a jelly roll and a layer cake. I LOVE jelly rolls because I LOVE this quilt pattern:

I can't wait to make it again.

September 26, 2009

[ meeting Frances ]

My cousin Lisa and her baby Frances are here visiting from Virginia for a few weeks. Little Miss Frances is almost five months old and I just got to meet her today! We couldn't get enough of her and took picture after picture of her! She is a sweet baby and let us ooh and ahh over her all afternoon!

The "great" aunt and uncle:

Grandma Great and Frances Lind

Lisa, Amber, Frances, and I

Frances meeting Uncle Kevin

Kevin: "Her hands are so small..."

Lisa: "It'd be weird if they weren't!"

Great Aunt Connie and Frances...I think Frances liked the bag that her gift came in better than the actual gift!!

She's getting her Heider influence early...she loved this bottle of Kokanee! Cracked us up for at least 15 minutes! She loved hearing her voice echo in the empty bottle. We were all reminiscing that there are similar pictures of us as babies and toddlers!

September 22, 2009

[ sick ]

In case you're wondering what has happened to me...
I am sick.
I went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with bronchitis.
I have missed 4 days of work.
I feel crummy.
My favorite things right now are my pillow, my cable knit throw blanket, HGTV and Banana Popcicles.
My Mom said she told someone that she knows that I am sick because I haven't been downstairs to the craft room in a week.
I agree. I am ready to feel 100% better and get back to quilting!

September 17, 2009

[ winner winner ]

Remember this post?
Guess what? I won!

Like I said, just what I need...another bag. It's just so cute! I can't wait for it to arrive!

September 14, 2009

[ SAVE THE DATE...I mean it! ]


Save the dates! Registration will be open soon!

September 12, 2009

[ Longaberger Party ]

Hey Friends!

You're invited to a

Longaberger "Death by Chocolate" Party

Monday, September 21, 2009


The Koch's

Shop online if you're not able to come:

Bring your friends!

[ fall festival weekend ]

This weekend is Connell's annual Fall Festival.

The "weekend" started earlier in the week - I think Tuesday-Wednesday-ish - when this mini-village mirage popped up just down the road from our house. (Not a great picture - it's from the car!)
Last night, I took the cheerleaders and we met up with Jessica and Todd in Cashmere for the football game. Last season, we lost to Cashmere in the play-offs and they went on to win the WA State 1A Championship. I think the Eagles were ready to settle the score and they sure did! We won 14-10. It was a nice summer-ish night. I wish all the football games were like that!

As if we haven't been together enough in the past two weeks, the cheerleaders got together again this morning to cheer in the parade. Here they are, lookin' pretty cute!

I have no pictures, but I also got to be in the parade this year as "Educator of the Year" duties. I was DREADING it, but it was fun to see everyone and throw candy!

I entered a few quilts into the Arts & Crafts show...

was I surpised to go this afternoon and see this Red Ribbon on the quilt I made for Melissa's birthday!

If you're faithful blog readers, you might recognize a few of these:

(the stripe-y one is Nichole Harris' - I think it's soooo cute!)

Melissa Kelly's entries are on the right. I love love love the table runner on the bottom.

Melissa - is there a pattern for this or did you create it on your own?

Mom, Dad, and I also went to CBJLS and the Livestock Sale. It was pretty hot, but we sat next to the portable air conditioner! It was a hot spot!

Mom and I enjoyed lunch at Mei Lings, had the car washed by the Class of 2011, and came home and crashed. It's tiring to have so much fun!

September 9, 2009

[ purple shoes ]

Last night was the Opening Night of Beta for the year. It was fun to get together with everyone and starting planning for a fun year!!

I've been doing some online shopping. Does this suprise anyone? It shouldn't!

Chris, the VP at CHS, has started a new CHS tradition:

Purple Shoe Tuesday

Do you think that anyone just has purple shoes at home, besides my sister?!
Well, I'm not one to not participate in school spirit days, so it's given me a great opportunity to do some online shopping.

Keep in mind I have a huge foot...abnormally large.

I need some purple shoes that I can wear with black pants since jeans on Tuesdays are not acceptable every week.

I thought about getting Crocs, but they don't meet criteria #2.

I bought these:

but I'm not into the black pants, tennis shoes look. To me, it's like a mullet. Business on top, party on the feet. :) I wore these on Friday to the football game with my cheer sweatshirt and I liked the look. Not sure if I can pull it off during the week though. I've never had Chuck Taylor's before - do they hurt like hell to break them in?!
I ordered these, in purple and in gold:

They were on sale and I found a coupon code, so they were about $15 each.

They're backordered until October.

Check these out! I saw them in the Nordstrom catalog today! I LOVE them!

They even come in one size bigger than I wear! I ordered them tonight (and a pair for my Mom - she loved them too!)

I hope they fit. I hope they look cute on my gIy-gundo feet.

I'm still shopping... :)

September 7, 2009

[ bag lady ]

As I look around, I see a reoccurring theme.


Here's just a peak into the madness:

This is my school bag. For this week. The bag I take to and from school changes with my mood. Sometimes it's a basket. Sometimes it's a bag. Sometimes it's none at all.
Right now it's the Vera Bradley Diaper Bag in Peacock. (You heard right - it's a Diaper Bag. It has lots of pockets and I love it. Thanks to Candace for the suggestion!)
I have gum, my planner, pens, highlighters, a folder with the work I brought home to work on this weekend, chapstick, and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in it at this very moment.

This is my Cheer Bag. How'd you guess?!
I have ribbons, a blanket, t-shirt order forms, a cheer list, pens, my cheer binder, and my camera in it right now. I found these adorable purple and gold polka dot bags online at The cheerleaders have matching duffle bags and they're dang cute.
This is my Junior Miss basket. During Junior Miss season, it holds a stopwatch, a clipboard with my Junior Miss Information Sheet on it, files with papers to hand out, gum, pens, pencils, highlighters, a fake microphone, and usually a water bottle of somesort. This is a Longaberger Market basket. It has gold splints that I earned for various things when I sold Longaberger.

This is my Beta Bag. It's a Vera Bradley Villager. I can't remember the pattern name.
In this bag, I have (can you guess?!) gum, pens, my Beta notebook (I'm the secretary this year), and my two everything-you-need-to-know-about-Beta mini books.

This is my Vera Bradley Vera bag in Peacock. I usually use it to carry my laptop, but it's been known to have various other uses as well. It was my "purse" slash carry-on bag when we went to Vegas and it's usually the bag I put everything in on road trips or vacations.

These are my two favorite purses. The ones I always go back to. After a few years, I've learned to be slow to buy a new purse because I'll usually just go back to one of these anyway.

I got the top one from Target a few years ago. I love love love it. It's big, roomy, and can hold lots of stuff. My one rule for purses is that it has to be able to hold my planner, which is a bulky six (five?)-ring binder type. This one holds my planner and more!

I'm proud of the bottom one. I know you're not supposed to value THINGS, but I value this. I bought this for myself the summer after my first year of working as a counselor. It represents hard work to me and the accomplishment of a goal. I love carrying this Coach Carly. It's well-loved. I used it everyday for an entire year, which if you know me, is terribly unusual. It shows a lot of wear and tear. I wish I could repair the worn spots and preserve it for the years to come, but I'd rather enjoy it now and use the heck out of it! Maybe I'll have a good excuse to treat myself to another Coach sometime in the future!

September 6, 2009

[ 45 ]

Just thinking today about my brother Bobby. Today would've been his 45th birthday.
You may be surprised to hear that I have a're not alone!
He passed away when he was 22; I was 6.
Anyway, he's just been on my mind today.
Happy Birthday, Bobby!

September 5, 2009

[ first football game ]

Last night was the first football game of the year, versus our rivals Othello!

Check out that final score!

Yeah! Go Eagles!

They had some awesome cheerleaders...

but not as cute as this one:

It was exciting to be back at the field for another season!

September 1, 2009

[ first day of school ]

Today was the first day of students at school! I got there at 6:45am and left at 6:15pm.
I'm spent.
This morning, it was exciting to see {mostly} happy, smiling faces! One girl asked me if I was excited for the first day. Oh honey. I've been here 9 days already! The new-ness has definitely worn off. :)