May 27, 2008

[ memorial day weekend ]

What a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

On Saturday, I got to:

  • Go to Spokane with my Mom, Melissa, Karlye, Amber, and my Aunt Kim
  • shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (scored a necklace, a zippie I've been looking for, and MAC makeup!)
  • have dinner at TWIGS with my cousin Craig (hadn't seen him since he returned to WA from Boston, MA)
  • Pre-Funk in the parking lot of the Spokane Arena
  • Enjoy an AWESOME concert - even from the nosebleed section (2nd row from the top - I thought we were all going to tumble down to the bottom)

Josh Turner

Carrie Underwood
On Sunday, we went to
(a.k.a. my favorite place on earth)
where we:
  • Opened our house for the summer
  • Shopped at the Coolin Days Arts and Crafts Show
  • Played some Rummy & Spite and Malice
  • Read
  • Had dinner and Blue Moons at Korner's
  • Laughed and Laughed
  • Survived for 24 hours without water
  • Melissa and Karlye got water from the lake to flush our toilets!
  • Joked about wearing Depends undergarmets due to said lack of water
  • Played BEER PONG on the porch - and probably made fools of ourselves to the rest of the "association" :)

(look behind Kim's left shoulder...yep...those people were probably laughing at the crazy white trash playing Beer Pong)

  • Enjoyed time with my favorites:

at my favorite place:
(that's us on the right...white with brown roof...nothing fancy, but we love it and we've had a million great memories there...)
I am so thankful for our little favorite place to rest, relax, and get away from the busy life is so busy during the rest of the year, that I cherish my time to be able to enjoy peace and quiet and staying in pajamas until noon and doing whatever I want!)


Scott and Kelli said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the relaxing getaways! Also, I'm so jealous you got to see Carrie Underwood. I'm hoping that since I don't live too far away from Nashville, that I'll get the opportunity!

Jake & Hannah said...

What a wonderful weekend! I am jealous you were up at Priest Lake. I love it there and wish I lived closer so I could go more often. It is absolutely beautiful!!

The McGary's said...

Alright your weekend beat mine. I love Priest Lake also and am jealous you got to go. Chad and i haven't been for quite a while. If everything works out we are going this summer. Glad you took my pictures:)

Jane Clark said...

There is a time and a place for white trash and I think you found it. Sometimes life just calls for trash! I am glad you had a super fun weekend, it is awesome to relax and be lazy once in a while.