August 22, 2007


Here you go...real proof that we went to the Martina McBride concert. She is an amazing woman! My favorite part was when she sang "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!" Gotta love Martina paying tribute to the classic Pat Benetar!

I'm back to school now...made it through 1 day of Inservices today. Lots of talk of PLCs and such. I have so many better things I could be doing...oh well.

Cheer practice started on Monday - we are working hard on preparing a dance/cheer/stunt combo for the 1st Day of School and Eagle's Nest BBQ. They are looking really good and are working better together than I thought! I will be sad when the basketball girls don't practice with us anymore. :(

Mom, Melissa, and I are heading to Bellevue this weekend to spend time with Mom's cousin Wendy. She's a 5th grade teacher and has lots to share with Melissa! It should be fun!! I'm looking forward to the WEEKEND!! the way...tonight was Samson's third night at Obedience School. I'm not completely sold on it, but it does take a lot more at home work than I'm able to do. Samson does great though - he's such a stud. :)

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