February 26, 2013



.Melissa’s Connell Shower.

Melissa’s first bridal shower was on Saturday in Connell. Special family and friends hosted: Kim, Karlye, Amber, Amy Kleinbach, & Tiffany Schneider.


It was so…Melissa!


Melissa asked for a Pampered Chef party and was treated extra special by her sweet friends and our dear friend Kendra, the Pampered Chef consultant.

Karlye and Amber played Vanna for a matching game that was very fun!


Here are some of the special people that helped us celebrate!

Melissa & Grandma


Mom, Melissa, & Ryan’s Mom, Michelle


Melissa’s reaction to hearing how much money people gave her in the “Wishing Well!”


We played Pampered Chef Bingo!


Melissa and her bridesmaids:
Amy, Tiffany, Melissa, and Angie – Kelli wasn’t able to be there.


Our beautiful Heider family:
Karlye, Kim, Amber, Melissa, Grandma, Mom, and I


Melissa and I


Amy & Melissa


Melissa and her Connell Elementary teacher friends:
Sarah Dinkins, Bonnie Weir, Melissa, Karol Hockaday, and Kimberly Brandner


Grandma and Mom with Melissa


Melissa was blessed by her wonderful friends and family and got to pick almost everything she wanted out of the Pampered Chef catalog! It will be like Christmas!

.supah star.

My cousin Craig sent out an email on Friday night said, “If you’re watching The Oscars on Sunday night, you might see a familiar face.” Um…what?! THE OSCARS?!

We watched with anticipation and were so excited to see Craig singing with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles during the opening monologue with the host, Seth McFarlane.


So totally cool!


The song was called “I Saw Your Boobs,” which I thought was hilariously ironic for the Gay Men’s Chorus!


Yeah Craig! So proud of you! :)

February 18, 2013

.special mail.

One day I came home, got the mail, and was surprised to see “Coghill” as the return address…addressed just to me. What could it be?!

There was a card inside from Leila Coghill – my kindergarten teacher (she was also our pastor’s wife)…


and this was inside the card! Too funny!


It made my day!

.crafty weekend.

I decided last week that I wanted to learn how to crochet…thanks to my friend Shannah’s adorable pins on Pinterest! Last Sunday I read a few of the books I’d given my Mom last year when she decided she wanted to learn. I watched some YouTube and read some blogs. I got the chain down but couldn’t figure out how to turn. I took my yarn to school on Tuesday so Jessica could help me. I practiced and practiced and by Saturday night, I had a dishcloth! YES!



I finished piecing this quilt top on Sunday morning. I started it at the craft retreat a few weeks ago. The colors aren’t my favorite, but I’d had the fabric cut out for about two years now, so I’m glad to get it done!


I made the February BOM yesterday. It’s the most complicated looking one yet…and I realized there are only 3 more to go! So sad….


February 14, 2013

.valentine’s day.

I felt so loved on Valentine’s Day when I got treated by Kayla and Madison! Kayla brought me this box of M&M’s and Madi brought me a plate of sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are my weakness!



They are so good to me!

A few nights earlier we had our Beta Valentine’s Party at Kate’s house. We made heart shaped waffles, heart shaped bacon, strawberries & whipped cream, and heart shaped muffins!

We wrote reject conversation hearts – that were pretty hilarious!


Karlye got these sunglasses from her Secret Sister!


My reject conversation heart said “attack” – a throwback to Karlye’s term of endearment at Tiffany’s bridal shower!


Fun Valentine’s Day!

February 11, 2013

.pedicures all around!.

Dad asked to go with us to get a pedicure tonight! Um…yes!


Starbucks…a pedicure…sushi dinner…perfect evening!


February 10, 2013

.baby blanket.

I made this baby blanket for Kortneigh Eppich Kelly’s baby girl. I hadn’t ever really sewn with minky because I was scared of it. I pinned the heck out of it and went to the sewing machine. It wasn’t soooo bad!


I like how it turned out – perfect for a baby girl!


Samson seems to find the most comfortable spots to sleep…

I’m not sure what happened today! This does not look comfortable at all!


February 8, 2013

.school counselor’s week.


School Counselor’s week is pretty low key at CHS…and it kind of snuck up on me, so I didn’t have a chance to plan anything.

Melissa sent me a Starbucks card on Wednesday – yay!


and on Friday, some of the teachers gave me these beautiful roses and there was a Starbucks card and to-go tumbler on my desk from Tim & Todd.



It’s nice to be celebrated for a week!   

February 1, 2013

.happy notes.

I came back from lunch today and found this on my desk. What a girl!